Disclaimer & Warranty

By purchasing products from MILITECH store(s), you agree and confirm the below terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”)


Buyer is over 18 years old of age
Buyer or the person that buyer purchasing products for is/are not a convicted felon and will not use the purchased products for crime purposes
Buyer is allowed to posses MILITECH products' nature in their country by law. Buyer is encouraged to seek qualified legal counsel in jurisdiction if Buyer has any questions concerning about possessing MILITECH products according to their country's legislation
MILITECH and its related companies are not responsible for Buyer violation of any local/international law concerning the Buyer’s purchase, use, re-sale, distribution of any MILITECH products including but not limited body armor obtained from our store(s).
Depend on the situation, MILITECH and its related companies reserve the right to cooperate with any law enforcement agency/department investigating the purchase or use or distribute of MILITECH products including but not limit to body armor by the Buyer.
Majority of the shipments will be exported from China. Buyer may require to pay import charges and should buyer not willing to cooperate with their customs and provide documents, and/or refuse to pay the import duties that caused delivery failure, or even caused return of product, it will be buyer's responsibility to bear all cost involved including return shipping cost and import charge in China.
Buyer agrees that MILITECH and its related companies are not liable for any injury, including serious injury or death that may occur during the use of MILITECH body armor products. To that end, Buyer and heirs, assigns, successors, and agents, release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless us for any liability from the purchase, possession, or use of the MILITECH body armor. Buyer and heirs, assigns successors, and agents specifically disclaim any right to any damages from Seller, including compensatory damages, incidental damages, consequential damages, punitive damages, costs, and attorney’s fees.
The Terms and Conditions are effective as to the Purchaser on the time of the purchase of the MILITECH body armor and supersede all prior oral or written Terms and Conditions between Purchaser and MILITECH. These Terms and Conditions may be updated, revised, or changed without prior notice.
All MILITECH body armor product come with a 5 years limited warranty and all have been tested to its advertised ballistic standard & performance, the armor product itself is bullet resistant, however not bulletproof. Buyer must understand body armor will not protect the wearer from injury or death in all circumstances such as trauma backface deformation or multiple impact at same area caused penetration. Buyer acknowledges the fact of a risk of injury, including serious injury or death, if impacted by a bullet while wearing MILITECH body armor or facing threat(s) beyond MILITECH body armor's designated level of protection.

MILITECH warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, implied, or statutory, and is strictly limited to the terms hereof: MILITECH specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability or of usefulness for a particular purpose. The defective product must be returned to MILITECH with proof of purchase and information describing the nature of the problem.
It is expressly agreed that the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy for breach of the above warranty, for any tortious conduct of MILITECH, or for any other cause of action, shall be the repair, replacement, or credit at MILITECH’s discretion, of any components or parts thereof, that after examination by MILITECH are proven to be defective.
If it is determined by MILITECH that the product’s failure was due to accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance, unusual wear and tear, the product is not covered in this warranty. 
MILITECH shall be released from all obligations under this warranty in the event repairs or modifications are made to any of the parts by persons other than its own service personnel. No agent, employee or representative of MILITECH may bind MILITECH to any affirmation, representation or modification of the warranty concerning the goods sold under this contract.
Exclusion of Consequential Damages—Purchaser specifically understands and agrees that under no circumstances will MILITECH be liable to Purchaser for economic, special, incidental, or consequential damages or losses of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits and any other loss caused by reason of non-operation of the goods. This exclusion is applicable to the claims for breach of warranty, tortious conduct or any other cause of action against MILITECH and its related companies.